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About Nightmare Arts

As the creator of Nightmare Arts, I am super excited to show you our artists as well as give you a place to be entertained. I have been in the entertainment business since 2006 and I have experience in TV, film, and theatre. I specialize in horror and have met many artists throughout my life that share my passion for the macabre. I am excited to not only show you their work but showcase some of my own as well. This is not your typical art gallery experience. Not only does it focus on horror-related art but also highlights horror-related entertainment all year long. From ghost hunting/seance performances, film showings, food/wine tastings, a live horror shopping show every Wednesday night, and much much more. Get ready to enjoy an experience like no other. 
If you are an artist (this can be any medium to include film just needs to be dark/horror/macabre/fantasy related) we would be ecstatic to show/sell your work. Being a voice actor/horror actor and artist I understand the importance of being paid for what we do. So I will not take a commission from you. You will be paid 100% for your piece. If this sounds like something you would be interested in give us a call at 609-GRIMART or fill out the information on the "Contact" page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Macabre Art
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